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Preparing of Certifications

In the last years the demands for companies in case of certifications, descriptions, examinations and documentation constantly grown in the quality of it. We offer you total assistance of the certification of your company according to standards and directives.

• EN 1090

• Richtlinie 2014/68/EU über Druckgeräte

We offer you following services:

• Preparation of quality manuals (QM)

• Preparation of process instructions, inspections plans, checklistst etc.

• Optimization and adaptation of your QM-System 

• Optimization of your processes inclusivly documentation

• Adaptation of your QM-System according to new standards and directives


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93309 Kelheim

Phone: +49 (0)9441 17629-0
Fax: +49 (0)9441 17629-30
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Internet: www.imgp-gmbh.de