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Following consulations and trainings of the IMGP GmbH range:

- Consultation in occupational health and safety according to DGUV Vorschrift 2

- SGU training and examination:

  • according to Dok 018
  • according to Dok 017

- Forklift Driver according to DGUV Grundsatz 308-001

- Crane Operator according to DGUV Vorschrift 52

- Fire Prevention according to DGUV Information 205-023

- Slinger Training according to DGUV Information 209-013

Our ultimate ambition is to satisfy the expectations of our customers!

Our team dedicates continously the needs of our customers and place the best professionals for the specific requirements of the particular vacant position.

We make sure, that relevant informations, are available to the right point, to the right place, that you can concentrate on your key tasks.

We offer you complete assistance to certificate your company according to standards and principles.



At IMGP GmbH is the first priority a high quality of personnel services, paired with good qualified employees and a high security awareness. This allows us, in combination with our customers, to develop specifically solutions to satisfy all parties.